Commercial Roof Replacement

If you own a commercial or industrial building, the time will eventually come when you will find yourself in need of commercial roof replacement. If you’ve ever had to have a roof replaced, you know it is not an inexpensive endeavor. It’s important, therefore, to entrust the work to a reliable contractor who will do the job right—so you don’t find yourself paying for shoddy workmanship again and again over the life of your roof.

Time and time again, the crew at Trinity Commercial Roofing encounters roofs that have failed prematurely or developed problems specifically because the roof was not installed properly or repairs were not done to code. Roofing work is costly and disruptive—it’s as simple as that. So, when you need roof replacement or other work done, make sure you hire a dependable company that will do the work correctly the first time around.

For quality workmanship and a team of professionals you can count on, look to Trinity Commercial Roofing! We service all roof types and offer lasting solutions to keep your roof in prime working condition for the long haul.

Expert Services

The knowledgeable roofing technicians at Trinity Commercial Roofing are skilled in all aspects of commercial roofing work and are able to service any type of roof. Our top-quality services include:

  • Commercial roof installation
  • Commercial roof replacement
  • Commercial roof repairs
  • Commercial roof maintenance
  • Commercial roof inspections
  • And more

We are dedicated to providing our valued clients with the very best—the best workmanship, the best roofing products and the best customer service. We don’t consider a job finished until the customer is fully satisfied.

Because commercial roof replacement is so costly as well as disruptive to a business, we strive to make sure full replacement is truly necessary before advising a client to take that course of action. As part of our services, we offer free roofing assessments. We will send one of our expert technicians to your location to meticulously inspect your roof and assess its condition. If we feel that an alternative solution could fix your roof’s issues, that is the course of action we will recommend. We will only advocate roof replacement if it is truly the only viable option for your roof.

In this way, we look out for the best interests of our customers. An alarming statistic in the roofing industry tells us that roofs are prematurely replaced as much as 70-80 percent of the time. We don’t wish our clients to fall victim to this, and we work diligently to ensure they won’t—both by giving honest assessments regarding a roof’s conditions and in providing outstanding inspection, maintenance and repair services to help keep customers’ roofs in good condition and delay the need for roof replacement.

We’re Here for You

No matter what type of commercial roof your building has, you can count on Trinity Commercial Roofing to deliver outstanding solutions and topnotch workmanship. Give us a call today at (405) 695-7040 for all your roofing needs, great and small!