Insurance Process

At Trinity Commercial Roofing, our motto has long been “Restoring Peace When Disaster Strikes.” When your home or business sustains roof damage and an insurance claim is involved, navigating the complex insurance process can be very confusing and frustrating. But don’t worry—you’re not in it alone!

Trinity Commercial Roofing is here to assist you through the complicated insurance claims process and help make sure you get the settlement you need and deserve. We will advocate on your behalf and help ensure you get the rightful coverage you’re entitled to, so the proper work can be performed to restore your roof to full functionality.

Help When You Need It

Whether your insurance claim involves roof damage from a weather-related event or other cause, the team at Trinity Commercial Roofing has the expertise to help you.

Unsurprisingly, insurance companies are not eager to pay out claims, and they specialize in denying them whenever they can. We will go head-to-head with the insurance company on your behalf to help ensure that your legitimate claims are honored and that your needed roof repairs are covered.

Once the insurance process has been successfully completed, we offer a full array of roofing services to complete the repair work efficiently and expertly!

Staying Ahead of the Game

One common practice among insurance adjusters is claiming that roof damage was preexisting. At the end of the day, an adjuster’s job is to serve the insurance company and save money whenever possible. If they can establish that the roof damage you’re trying to have covered was already there before the storm or other event occurred, you may not get the settlement you need and deserve. The result of this is being forced to pay out-of-pocket to have your roof repaired. To help make sure your insurance claims are not wrongfully denied, there are some things that can be done in advance.

Among the professional roofing services we provide at Trinity Commercial Roofing, we offer customized inspection and maintenance plans. Regular inspections and maintenance become a key part of successfully vying with an insurance company when a claim is made.

When our technicians perform a roof inspection, documentation of your roof’s condition is part of the service we provide. This documentation, along with the maintenance records we keep, helps prove that damage on your roof was not preexisting. This kind of evidence is very important when you’re contending with an insurance company.

Get Help from the Best!

When you’re doing battle with an insurance company over a roof claim, the knowledgeable crew at Trinity Commercial Roofing is here to help! We will advocate on your behalf to help you get the settlement and repairs you need and deserve. We can also custom-tailor an inspection and maintenance plan to help you be prepared for future insurance claims.

For expert help when you need it most, you can count on Trinity! Give us a call today at (405) 695-7040.